Welcome to the Website of the Conservative Coalition of Harris County…

Our website contains candidate information for the contested races in the Harris County March 2020 Republican Party Primary Ballot. We want to help educate the voters about the best conservative candidates in each of these races. To download our March 2020 GOP Voters Guide, click on the two red links below:

2020 CCHC PAC Republican Voter Guide (Landscape) or
2020 CCHC PAC Republican Voter Guide (Portrait)

The CCHC Board of Directors endorse our President, Donald J. Trump for re-election in 2020!

For a copy of the official March 2020 Harris County Republican ballot, please click on our red link below:

Copy of March 2020 Harris County Republican Primary Sample Ballot

On our website, there are candidate questionnaires and campaign links to candidate Websites, Facebook, Twitter and/or Youtube pages. This allows conservative voters to quickly compare the candidates in specific contested Republican races. Use the yellow links on our menu above to review Federal, State and County candidate information, or use the following red links:

Federal Races                 State Races             County Races

We are a political action committee of conservative volunteers, and we want to inform other conservative voters in Harris County (and other counties) regarding the local elections.  Our Voter panel interviews and researches each candidate in a contested race. Then each panel member votes by secret ballot for the best candidate in each race.  Our Voter’s guides results are similar to how conservative Harris County voters tend to vote in each election.

CCHC PAC is basically self-funded, collecting donations from our panel members during election cycles. We are a group of unpaid volunteers, and no funds of any type are solicited, accepted or used from any active political candidates, their families, their co-workers, their staff or their campaigns (unlike other groups in Harris county that have the reputation of accepting fees and donations from candidates).


  1. Reduce the size, expense and power of government entities.
  2. Support for the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
  3. Shift charity in Harris County from government entities to private groups.
  4. No sanctuary cities; No more government benefits to illegal aliens.
  5. Support Local control for most government powers.
  6. Small government requires personal responsibility.
  7. Marriage is between one natural man and one natural woman.
  8. Life begins at conception.
  9. Parents have the ultimate authority regarding their children.
  10. We support Free Markets.
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