Welcome to the CCHC PAC historical School Board Trustee Voter Guide Page. Here are some of our previous voter’s guides for conservative voters in Harris County regarding selected school board contested trustee races.

In May and November, our panel focuses on providing voter guides for the selected School Board contested races within Harris County. The table below shows some of our panel endorsements for prior ISD Trustee elections.

For the even year Republican primary elections, please refer to the Previous GOP Primary Voter Guide Page to see our past endorsements in Texas Republican Primary Elections.

Harris County School ISD GuidesLink
2009 ISD Guide2009 ISD Guide
2012 Klein ISD Guide2012 Klein ISD Guide
2012 Cy-Fair ISD Guide2012 Cy Fair ISD Guide
2013 ISD Guide2013 ISD Guide
2014 May Uniform2014 Uniform Election Guide
2014 ISD Guide2014 ISD Guide
2021-11 Klein Guide2021 Klein ISD Guide
2021-11 Cy Fair Guide2021 Cy Fair ISD Guide
2021-11 Houston ISD Guide2021 Houston ISD Guide
2022-04 Katy ISD Guide2022 Katy ISD Guide

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