Conservative Coalition of Harris County is a political action committee (PAC) of conservative volunteers, endeavoring to inform conservative voters about the candidates for local and statewide elections.  After interviewing the current candidates our panel members vote by secret ballot on the best candidate for each race. Our results should mirror the choices of conservative voters in each election, and our panels have had an excellent record of doing so. Our voting results allow voters to quickly narrow down the conservative candidates in each race.  The candidates’ CCHC-PAC questionnaire answers are available on our website, http://www.cchc-pac.org, for in-depth comparisons of the candidates.

CCHC-PAC is basically self-funded, collecting donations to cover our moderate expenses from panel members during election cycles. We are a group of unpaid volunteers.  No funds of any type are solicited, accepted or used from any active political candidates, their families, their co-workers, their staff or their campaigns (unlike other groups in Harris county that do accept fees and donations from candidates).

CCHC-PAC Board of Directors:
Norma Jeter, Chairman
Michelle McKissick, Vice-Chairman
Vergel Cruz, Director
Josh Flynn, Director
Virgil Vickery, Director
Pat Blair, Director
Butch Davis, Treasurer

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