CCHC Director Clint Moore

We honor the memory of Clint Moore, one of our directors with CCHC. Clint was a long time Houston resident, who died at his home on October 1, 2019. Clint is survived by his wonderful wife, Diana Stokes Moore, and he was a dedicated son-in-law, uncle and brother-in-law. Clint had a tremendous legacy as a Republican Party leader, extremely skilled geologist, a conservationist, and a genealogical expert.
Clint served on the Board of Directors for two years with our group, Conservative Coalition of Harris County, but he advised the board for several years before that. Clint’s many ideas for our grassroots organization helped shape our voter’s guide, our interview panel and our questionnaire formats. Many of his ideas came from the work he did within the Republican Party of Texas (RPT). His dedicated Rules Committee work at the RPT ensures the Texas GOP is governed by thousands of grassroots delegates, rather than a select few elites. In fact, the RPT State Convention is the largest state grassroots convention in the country due to the way delegates are elected from local conventions and caucuses. His rule also assures that delegates to National Convention are elected from their local jurisdictions as opposed to being appointed by elected officials. This is not the norm within many other states, where the State Party Chair or elected officials select their state’s delegates to the national Republican Party Convention.
Clint was very involved in the local Harris County Republican Party, having served as a Senate District Caucus Chairman, Advisory Board Member, longtime volunteer and Election Judge and precinct chair since 1989. He was a Member of the Board of Directors with the Conservative Coalition of Harris County. Clint was Senate District 7’s representative to the State Convention for the RPT’s Rules Committee every two years from 1994-2012. In 1995, Clint was honored as Senate District 7 Volunteer of the Year. He served as Delegate to six Republican National Conventions and was elected as Republican Party of Texas (RPT) State Senate District 7’s State Republican Executive Committeeman for eight years from 2004-2012.
In his field of Geology, Clint wrote many articles and presentations delivered to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). He pioneered the “Sub salt” trend in the Gulf of Mexico, which led to a worldwide exploration effort that discovered billions of barrels of oil by the industry. He also worked in the shallow water of the Gulf, amounting to several hundred million barrels of oil, and in June 2006, he co-founded Gulfslope Energy. His projects were truly international in scope, as he worked on projects in many different international areas as well.
Governor Rick Perry appointed Clint as a Committee member from Texas of the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), where he served the State of Texas on the IOGCC’s Energy Resources, Research, and Technology Committee. Clint was very involved in the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, the Houston Geological Society and in the leadership of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). Clint was a decorated award recipient in all three organizations for his work within the groups. Through AAPG, Clint established a scholarship for military veterans who wanted to study to become geologists.
Clint and his wife Diana loved scuba diving. Clint was an expert diver with over 450 dives, many that were in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2018, Clint was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Awardee?? from the Texas Gulf Coast Council of Diving Clubs. Clint and Diana became dedicated to maintaining the beauty of the reefs they enjoyed over the years together, most particularly in Flower Gardens Bank National Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf. Clint was originally appointed to the FGBNMS Advisory Council in October 2005.
Clint had tremendous passion in everything he did. His wonderful attitude and helpful mentorship will be missed here at CCHC-PAC. He was a terrific asset to every organization that he served in. His positive attitude will be deeply missed. Clint sums up his work ethic up with the following quote:
“I’m committed to bringing out the best in America, and ready to provide my brand of hard working, pro-active and positive leadership to everything I do.” – Clint Moore
We wish you Godspeed Clint – as we know you are a tremendous joy to Christ in heaven.

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