Information on Federal Candidates:

Below is information for the candidates in contested Federal races on the 2020 Harris County Republican ballot. Just hover over each row and column and click on the link (in the word such as “Questionnaire”, “Website”, “Facebook” or “Twitter”) to pull up a candidate’s questionnaire or various web pages.

U.S. Senator
Mark YanceyDid Not RespondNoWebsiteFacebook
Dwayne StovallQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Virgil BierschwaleQuestionnaireNoWebsite
John CornynDid Not RespondNoWebsiteFacebook
John Anthony CastroDid Not RespondNoTwitterFacebook
U.S. Representative CD 07
Laique RehmanQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Jim NotewareQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Tom DevorDid Not RespondNoFacebook
Westly HuntQuestionnaireYesWebsiteYouTube
Maria EspinozaQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Cindy SiegelQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Kyle PrestonQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
U.S. Representative CD 09 (Small portion of CD is in Harris County)
Melissa Esparza-MathisN/ANoYouTubeFacebook
Kirk OsbornN/ANoYouTubeFacebook
Kevin BradyN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
U.S. Representative CD 09
Julian A. MartinezDid Not RespondNoWebsiteFacebook
Jon MenefeeQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Johnny TeagueQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
U.S. Representative CD 18
Robert M. CadenaQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Wendell ChampionQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Nathan J. MillironQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Thomas C. ManningQuestionnaireYes
Ava Reynero PateDid Not RespondNoWebsiteFacebook
Truly HeiskellQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
U.S. Representative CD 22 (Small portion of CD is in Harris County)
Shandon PhanN/ANo
Aaron HermesN/ANoTwitterFacebook
Douglas HaggardN/ANoWebsite
Matt HintonN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
Jon CamarilloN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
Brandon T. PenkoN/ANo
Joe WalzN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
Troy NehlsN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
Kathaleen WallN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
Greg HillN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
Bangar ReddyN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
Howard SteeleN/ANoTwitterFacebook
Pierce BushN/ANoYouTubeTwitter
Dan MathewsN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
Diana MillerN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
U.S. Representative CD 29
Jaimy Z. BlancoQuestionnaireYesYouTubeFacebook
Robert SchafranekDid Not RespondNoWebsiteFacebook
U.S. Representative CD 36 (Small portion of CD is in Harris County)
Brian BabinN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
R.J. BoatmanN/ANoWebsiteFacebook
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