Information on Harris County Candidates:

Below is information for the candidates in contested Harris County races on the 2020 Harris County Republican ballot. Just hover over each row and column and click on the link (in the word such as “Questionnaire”, “Website”, “Facebook” or “Twitter”) to pull up a candidate’s questionnaire or various web pages.

Harris County District Attorney
Mary Nan HuffmanQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Lori DeAngeloQuestionnaireYesWebsite
Lloyd Wayne OliverQuestionnaireNo
Harris County Sheriff
Paul DayQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Randy RushQuestionnaireYesWebsite
Joe DannaQuestionnaireYesWebsiteTwitter
Rep - County School Trustee, Position 5, At Large
Bob WolfeQuestionnaireYes
Connie DubroffDid Not RespondNo
Fred FlickingerQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Rep - County School Trustee, Position 7, At Large
Don SumnersQuestionnaireYes
Kay SmithQuestionnaireYes
Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 3
Susan SampleQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Tom RamseyQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Brenda StardigQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Rep - Justice of Peace, Precinct 5, Place 1
Adrianna HigginbothamQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Russ RidgwayQuestionnaireYesWebsite
Mike WolfeQuestionnaireYes
Rep - Constable, Precinct 4
Mark HermanQuestionnaireYesWebsiteTwitter
Chris BoundsQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Harris County Republican Party Chairman
Keith NielsenQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
Paul SimpsonQuestionnaireYesWebsiteFacebook
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